Can we see crypto beyond black and white?

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Collaborating with creators, brands and industry leaders.

Afterlife Investing

Secure your eternal comfort by investing in our minted atonement packages, that range from Inferno+ to SaviorPlatinum.

Experience the upside of infinite absolution, in this life and the next.

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On-chain pets, unchained.

Adopt, breed, and trade one-of-a-kind Bunbuns, each with their own minted-magic.

Give them plenty of time, treats, and training and watch them grow into the Bunbun they were born to be.

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Your Fics, Your Fortune.

Unleash your fanfic potential with Fable, where financial autonomy, fandom investment, and co-creation converge.

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Mint Your Memories

Capture, share and preserve moments on-chain in TimeVox Capsules, decentralized memory boxes to be reopened in the future.

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BurntSTUDIO is dedicated to expanding the perception, definition and scale of Web3.

Modus Operandi

A working philosophy

  1. 01 Interrupt everything, often.
    No one notices monotony.
  2. 02 Find humans in the data.
    Stories give numbers a purpose in life.
  3. 03 Build in Public.
    Users are co-artists—listen and learn.
  4. 04 Edit without fear.
    Evolve, refine, or end.


STUDIO is an initiative by Burnt, A Web3 foundry

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